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Sabella Health & Wellness is here to provide you with the complete support and tools you need for weight loss and healthy living through nutritional coaching and meal preparation. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle.

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Make today the first day of your commitment to becoming the very best version of you.



Here at Sabella, our focus is helping you change your life in a healthy, positive and realistic manner. We've mastered the perfect balance between aligning your weight loss and nutrition goals with customized, personalized meals that are fun, fresh, and healthy.

Tell us your goals, we'll take care of the rest.


We're passionate about cultivating flavors and dishes that are not only healthy, but delicious and satisfying. Long gone are the days of restrictive diets that render overnight results only to later relapse. We've got the tools to uniquely craft a plan that will work with and for you.

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Sabella Health & Wellness is founded on the belief of authentic and realistic weight loss goals. We guarantee that the adaptability of our program will catapult you into a lifestyle that is easy to eventually manage on your own.

It's time to start living your best life, let us help you get there. 



We're here on this journey with you from start to finish. With Sabella, you'll be able to kickstart your weight loss into motion while also learning about the different approaches to balancing healthy eating with a busy lifestyle. Our coaches will tailor meal plans specifically to your likes, dislikes, and overall goals. We create the plan, you simply follow it while we support and guide you through to the finish line.

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This is not a 'diet', this is a lifestyle. We've spent countless hours in the lab cultivating fresh and unique dishes that allow you to live your best life while also implementing new and innovative ways to a healthier way of eating.

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We are always available to talk through any questions or concerns. Whether it be an impromptu dinner out, a vacation, or even just a weekend where you're managing your meals, we're always available to navigate you through those moments where you want to go a bit off course without deviating fully off course.



Hear the perspective of both past and future clients.

I’m excited about having consistent, nutritious meals so that I’m not as tempted to order takeout or dine out. Also, to have an accountability partner. I like that this plan meets me where I’m at currently and will work around my hectic schedule. As a night shift worker, it will ensure I’m getting the proper nutrition at for two of the meals I typically eat. I’m excited about this journey!

The meal prep was very convenient for my busy lifestyle. I had no problem following the program because the food was delicious. Tasted better than gourmet food I had in the past and didn't taste like diet food. The weight just melted off effortlessly!

I. Turenne

A. Menni

These plans have helped me so much and the support is amazing. It also helps that the food is so delicious, its very easy to stick to and follow. I don't have to worry about macro counting spreadsheets or cooking and weighing food. Thank you for all of your continued support.

P. Zapata

I feel lighter, I used to be tired a lot throughout my day because I was always bloated and full with anything I was eating. But now I tend to have more energy to stay up throughout the entire day which is so different for me. I just really want to thank you so much, honestly. Trying to start this alone would've been impossible, especially for me since I'm single and live alone. I'm not the type to cook every single night, I typically always eat outside. So your help has been amazing.

D. Abreu

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh



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